Gregory Aziz Accomplishments as the CEO of National Steel Company

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Gregory James Aziz is the chairman and CEO of National steel car company which has its offices in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz was born in 1930 and went to Ridley College, after that University of Western Ontario and received a degree in Economics. Greg Aziz began his career in 1971 in affiliated foods which is a family business lead by his father. Affiliated food is a significant importer of Fresh foods worldwide. During the period, the company grew to become the leading distributor across the United States and Canada and to all significant fresh food wholesale markets. Late in the 80’s he moved to work in the banking industry and after which he managed to buy off National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994.


National Steel Car began in 1912 and is one of the largest manufactures of freight cars, and rail car parts and Components. James Aziz bought the company with the aim of expansion to ensure the company remains the leader in the industry. He has leveraged the company engineering and manufacturing abilities, capital and labor investment to increase the company capacity from 3500cars in a year to over 12000 making the company a leader in the industry. The company has moved its client clientele base from Canada to other areas in North America and the United States. Through the leadership of Greg J Aziz, the company has received the ISO certification, and it’s the only steel company to obtain the certification.


The company through the leadership of Greg Aziz has built a community around them in Hamilton. They are the sponsors of Theater Aquarius, The Hamilton Opera, United Way Salvation Army and other local charities. They also organize local food banks which the employees participate. The company has heavily invested in the community by providing well-paying jobs to the members of the community. The company has grown the employment from 600 to 3000 a significant investment in Hamilton. Greg and his wife have sponsored the Canadian Agricultural fair. Read More On This Page.


National Steel Car under the leadership of Greg Aziz has received the TTX SECO award for over 13 years for being the leaders of steel car manufacturing. The company has been at the top due to effectively using technology, commitment, passion and excellent customer service. Greg Aziz has shown that hard work; determination will result in successful, he has continually moved National Steel Car from one level to the other.


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