FlavioMaluf; the Impact of Tax Incentives on Entrepreneurs

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Wholly based on already existing evidence, most people would agree that the taxation of small businesses has a direct impact on how they are run or how they perform eventually. In Brazil especially, entrepreneurs find it challenging to maintain their businesses because of the high tax burdens. This paper addresses how some of the most influential men in the state have touched on the fundamentals of having lesser tax burdens and how the government should impose lower tax rates on entrepreneurs. In this case, Flavio Maluf, a prominent business professional who hails from Brazil asks the government to intercede between entrepreneurs and policymakers.

How Maluf puts it

As the president of Eucatex Group of Companies, FlavioMaluf has been keen on watching different market shifts in the industry. Recently, he addressed the tax incentive policy and decided to involve the government of Brazil. In it, he states that the Fiscal Incentive Law should work well for entrepreneurs as it is an excellent opportunity for them to direct their funds to different but more useful projects that would, in turn, support the community differently. For instance, instead of directing the funds to the government, they can be directed to benefit the society. The primary idea here is to cement the economic as well as the social development of Brazil. Visit dino.com to learn more

Why the Incentives?

Nevertheless, this does not mean that tax evasion should be condoned in any manner. He adds that the incentive programs allow entrepreneurs to gain a positive image in the public eyes. For that reason, the policymakers need to reconsider alleviating entrepreneurs from tax burdens with the primary focus on associating them with sponsorship programs that would, in turn, draw a good strategy for the business.

The Outline

FlavioMaluf is highly revered as a successful entrepreneur dedicated to providing high-quality services in Eucatex Group of Companies. He has in the past, offered some of the best investment and business advice to clients. Other than that, he clearly understands that his input in the industry will forever be regarded as very instrumental especially when it comes to transforming people’s lives. View: https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3