Everything You Need to Know About Daniel Mark Harrison

Published on Author RM2000
In the cryptocurrency and business fields, the name Daniel Mark Harrison is not just any other ordinary name. It commands a lot of respect due to the big strides the owner has made in the fields. Harrison can easily be described as a jack of all trades because he is an entrepreneur, author, blockchain enthusiast, and businessman.

He studied Theology in the University of Oxford between the years 1998 and 1999. He is also a Master’s of Business Administration degree holder from the BI Norwegian Business School which he earned in the year 2006. On matters education, he did not stop there and in the year 2008, he earned himself a Master’s degree in Journalism from the New York University.

Having such a wealth of knowledge, Harrison has been in a position to create a business empire for himself that can only be termed as highly successful. Since the year 2015, he has been the Founder as well as the Chairman of a company named after himself that has been solely responsible for taking care of all assets belonging to him and his family. The company has it’s offices in Bangkok, Thailand and it is held in very high regard as a global investment company.

Daniel has also been making very robust contribution in CoinSpeaker for a long period of time. During his tenure, the readership has been able to comfortably grow to not less than 450,000 people per month. He has been solely responsible of efficiently managing the editorial team and at the same time, making huge steps that are related to the search engine optimization of the company being very well prominent on the search engines.