Eucatex Brazil And The Role That Flavio Maluf Has Played In Their Success

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For the past six decades, Eucatex has been operational in Brazil and has been providing top quality construction products to their clients in the country and all over the world. When the founders were starting the company, they did not really anticipate the level of growth and success that the company is now enjoying. Most of the materials that they build and export are made from wood which they grow and harvest in their own farms. The trees that they use in the making of products such as tiles, ceiling and panels are eucalyptus.

The man in charge of all the operatons at Eucatex is Flavio Maluf. He has been with the company for close to three decades. When he started, he was a mechanical engineer. It is his hard work and relentless spirit that has helped him to get to his current position. He has also introduced policies that are in line with his passion for environmental sustainability in manufacturing processes and this has really helped him succeed. Flavio graduated from FAAP, an institute that is located in Sao Paolo, then, he proceeded to get a post graduate degree in administration from NYU.

The first name that was given to the company when it was established was fiberboard. The small company took close to a decade to expand and get branches all over the country. In the first five years, they had already crossed borders and established a branch in the neighboring country, Argentina. Their expanded capacity made it possible for them to start exporting products to European markets.

The next four decades were marked by steady growth. They set a new record about products that are created for household consumption. They expanded their production to include products that were not made from wood such as paints and vanishes.

The brand is now recognized and respect all over the world. The forest stewardship council of Brazil has recognized their efforts in conserving forests as they produce.

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