End Citizens United: Fighting For The Freedom Of Political Candidates

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In 2010 there was a major Supreme Court decision to change the way that political candidates compete on the local and national stages. The case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission became very controversial because it extended many of the First Amendment rights that are experienced by individuals in the United States to businesses and corporations as well. This created a bit of an uproar for many people in the community because such rights would allow these businesses to take their funding to political candidates without any limitations as to how much they can spend donating to these campaigns or the threat of having their motives broadcasted to the entire nation. They had a golden ticket to donate freely and anonymously to the candidates that they felt would closely embody the things that they needed. This would allow them to fund candidates that were willing to “play ball” with their demands and push out candidates that have remained steadfast in their own morals.

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End Citizens United solve the unjustness that began to form around the decision and sought to raise money for these political candidates. In fact, their current cycle is doing quite well with over $35 million raised for many different types of political workers all over the nation. It is our hope that they can help counteract some of the changes that have taken place for these individuals. In some races, they are even supporting candidates that have managed to make even more money than the counterparts that they fight against. End Citizens United knows that if people simply remain complacent in this process corporations will begin to wield even more influence over lawmaking then they already do. They would be put in a position of extreme power.

The article “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” located on reporterexpert.com is a good read for anyone that is still trying to become familiar with this topic. It is an important topic and the work that groups like End Citizens United are doing are very important to the political process. In a way, they are trying to make sure that it remains intact for future generations instead of being overrun by corporations that are seeking to have laws changed in their favor. It is fried link to think that some politicians that are campaigning nowadays are in the pocket of a big business, this public action committee will not rest until voters feel safe that they can pick a “free” candidate.

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