Eli Gershkocitch: A Pioneer and Leader in the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

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Canadian Craft Beer


With Canadians continuing to love their alcoholic drinks, craft beer has developed a unique market in the country and across Europe. Despite the decreasing per capita consumption of alcohol, the purchase of craft beer is on a rising trend. BMO Nesbitt Burns prepared a report indicating that craft beer revenue has been rising since 1995. The craft beer industry is now making double-digit revenue. This is contrary to the overall revenue of the common beer, which has been flat, across the country, for 2 decades (GazetteDay).


There are numerous craft beer breweries that produce different types of beers. The unique alcoholic drinks range from traditional to creative flavors. These organizations are working 24/7 to meet the large market demand. Niagara College has introduced a brewmaster program to facilitate the growth of the industry. Canadian craft beer breweries manufacture a variety of brands, tastes and flavors. The most common types include Red Racer, Glutenberg, weissbier, Nutcracker Porter, Stout, Farmhouse Saison and La Fin.


A decade ago, craft beer companies were commonly known as micro-breweries. Some of these firms are not small anymore because of their financial growth. Ontario Craft Breweries makes an annual top cutoff of 400, 000 hecalitres of beer. Quebec`s McAuslan Brewery generates an annual revenue of $20 per year. The success of the two company indicates the expansion of Canadian craft beer industry over the years.


About Gershkovitch


Renowned as one of leading entrepreneurs in the craft beer industry, Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO and founder of Steamworks. The organization is a group of beer companies in Canada. Eli has been in the craft beer industry for more than 2 decades.


As craft beer was beginning to be recognized, Eli Gershkovitch traveled across Europe to observe the beer market. His exposure made him one of the pioneers and most influential brewmasters in Canada. Eli Gershikovitch is a determined entrepreneur who believes in controlled growth. In 1997, Gershikovitch bought his partners shares to increase his business control.

Eli Gershkovitch opened his first brewpub in 1995. Located in Gastown, the company utilized a steam-powered manufacturing process. The pub succeeded and enabled Eli to expand his enterprise across the country. The organization was later rebranded to Steamworks. It serves a variety of flavors that include Gate Lager, Pale Ale and IPA.

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