Dr. Saad Saad’s Passion for Education and Care Takes him Far

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Cairo University in Egypt has had the privilege of churning out some impressive people. Some have gone on to become world leaders or solve some of the ills that afflict the people. One person that has come out of that particular school is Dr. Saad Saad, who went on to become a well-renown pediatric surgeon in the United States.


This surgeon got his medical degree 47 years ago from the University of Cairo, but his sights were set much further than Egypt. This is what prompted the young medical dreamer to move to Europe. It was there where Saad continued his education for two additional years, and he got inspired to go to America. After arriving to the United States, it did not take him long to realize that he found his new home.


Saad said that it was not his intention to move across the world. He mentioned in a recent interview that all he really wanted out of his career was the opportunity to work indoors where it was air conditioned. This surgeon does not enjoy the heat and is so adamant about this he based his career path on finding a way to stay indoors where it is cool.


He also mentioned that he would not be where he is today without education. Becoming a fully USA Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon was just one of this first steps to take in this country, but he would continue to impress throughout his career. He’s managed to invent two tools to help care for children during and after undergoing surgery. He’s also been volunteering for Medical Missions, which goes to Jerusalem every year to talk to kids in need and provide free health care. There should never be a price on care, which is something this country is slowly starting to accept.


Education has always been an important factor in Dr. Saad’s life. In his own family, he now has two lawyers, one nurse, and a lawyer, but he comes from a very accomplished family as well. There are two engineers and one teacher in his family. He also has two doctors in his family, and he’s part of three surgeons. It is easy to see that his parents valued education a lot.


Dr. Saad continues to help others. He wants his practice to mirror his own heart, which is a very giving and caring heart. The people who trust him know that they are in good hands because he actually cares about the children he provides help to. There is no telling how far his passion is going to continue to take Dr. Saad, but it is obvious to see that his passion has already taken him quite far. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12