Dr. Saad Saad Biography

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Dr. Saad Saad is a graduate of Cairo University Medical Hospital. He got his medical degree in the year 1971. Dr. Saad has majored in Thoracic surgery and also pediatric surgery. The specialist is mainly found at Eatontown, NJ. He can also be found in Forked River, NJ. Dr. Saad Saad boasts of more than 42 years of practice and expertise as a pediatric surgery specialist.


Dr. Saad Saad learnt english and he speaks it fluently. The pediatric specialist is an affiliate of Monmouth Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center and also Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Due to his practice of working smart, he has been awarded twice. The first award was for patients Choice Award in the year 2014. The second one was the Compassionate Doctor Recognition that was awarded in the same year.


According to Dr. Saad, nobody should take anything unless the success one looks for. Additionally, he clarified that somebody could achieve with his life if one focuses his mind on the thing he wants. The doctor was born in Palestine during the period when the region was experiencing some swift and intense changes.


During this period there emerged invention of the State of Israel. This invention led to a compulsory transfer of a significant number of Palestinians who were new to that place. He was at a very tender age when all this occurred. Everything happened when his father had already reported to his work. Their mother was forced to vacate the place and go to a place they were not familiar.


The mother had no other choice but to collect their clothes and vacate the place. The father struggled much to be able to find his family. The family had been sent to West Bank. It was through the advice of his father that made him more encouraged. He became more focused. The father told him that it is only through doing well in his education that would make him gain respect.


He told him this since it seemed like they had no future. They had got no passports too. He said to him that through education he could live his life excellently. Later in high school, while taking a walk with his brother during the summer season, he got a heat stroke. He realized then that there was air-conditioned. This gave him the idea of pursuing pediatric surgery.


He then enrolled to the medical school and walked out as a salutatorian too. He always had a demand to upgrade. He is inventive also. Through all this, he was in a position to help many children. He encourages people not to stay until the next day to complete a duty one can do the very same day.


He insists that people who focus on their goals are likely to achieve them. Dr. Saad Saad explains that if you set your mind, then you can be what you want. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12