Doe Deere’s Morning Routine is Different From Most

Published on Author RM2000

As a fashion mogul and influential beauty icon, many people might expect that Doe Deere has a very complicated morning schedule. Some people who are very interested in makeup may take hours to do their makeup or perfect the best look possible. While Doe Deere always likes to look her best, the makeup part of her morning really takes that least amount of time.


Doe Deere is a revolutionary when it comes to the makeup world. She has completely rejected the notions of trying to fit into society’s beauty standards. Instead of beiges and muted pinks, her collection is filled with bright and bold colors to satisfy the needs of nearly any creative. She believes that everyone should be able to treat their face like a canvas and her beauty line is reflective of all of the different things that people can do with their makeup looks and with the abilities that they have.


From the minute that Doe Deere wakes up, she begins to think about her day in creative terms. She likes to check up on emails and work information once she gets to work so that she is able to use her morning to tap into her creative side. While she is contemplating all of the different things that she can do, she tries to take her time and enjoy her mornings. This is something that she feels makes her a better visionary as well as a better businessperson overall. Doe Deere uses mornings to dream and design.


As a self-proclaimed morning person, Doe Deere performs her best in the mornings. She always makes sure to hydrate first thing in the morning. From there, she stretches and eats breakfast so that she can be prepared for the day. Despite the fact that she does not usually go into her office until around noon, she gets up at 8:30 every morning. She trusts her body and is able to do this all without an alarm clock since she has trained herself to wake up at the exact times that she needs to get enough sleep.


Once Doe Deere has done the basic morning routine, she starts to get ready. She always starts with a L’Oreal or a MAC foundation. Until she creates a foundation for her own line, this is what she will continue to use. Then, she chooses her favorite eyeshadow and lipstick shades from Lime Crime and puts them to use. She has the entire collection that she keeps at home so she will always be able to use the ones she wants. Also, it helps her to be a walking advertisement. Doe Deere always does her hair as the last step of getting ready.


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