Danilo Diaz Granados Gives his Guests a Taste of Miami in an Extravagant Style

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Known for his prowess for orchestrating action-filled events, Danilo Diaz Granados did not disappoint this summer. The handpicked affluent socialites had an opportunity to tour Miami in an extravagant style. The program of the day comprised of a special breakfast, exclusive previews, two helicopter rides, memorable moments at the racetrack, Champagne, and a boat ride to close the beautiful day.


Danilo’s declarations


Danilo Diaz Granados states on his WordPress blog that his goal was to give his visitors an unbelievable experience. He wanted them to visit amazing sites and discover places they could acquire exceptional products in Miami. The event allowed guests to connect with high-quality art, fine cuisine, and entertainment.


Event’s outline


After taking breakfast at the One Thousand Museum Sales Center, the elite socialites had a chance to preview a lavish residential building situated in the Miami’s Biscayne locality. Then, they boarded a helicopter, which within 30 minutes landed at the Palm Beach Racetrack. After exciting moments at the racetrack, the wealthy socialites were taken to the River Yacht Club by a helicopter. They had an opportunity to enjoy Dom Perignon and a delicious lunch. The successful day ended after an incredible boat ride.


About Danilo Diaz Granados


Fireman Capital Partners named Danilo into its board and assigned the associate position to him. He was responsible for managing equity investments. Being a talented economic researcher, Danilo discovered that the residents of Miami had nowhere to purchase luxurious products such as contemporary art, watches, and exotic cars. Therefore, he launched Toys for Boys to cater for the special needs of Miami’s residents. He also instituted Edge of Glory Films to produce, distribute, as well as popularize Hispanic content in the U.S.


Danilo has a vast experience in the fields of investments, startups creation, real estate, hedge funds, and merchandising. He carries out thorough research and identifies profitable opportunities on behalf of his clients.  Find him on Twitter, or add Danilo as a Facebook friend.

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