ClassDojo is Bringing Teachers And Parents Together Through Technology 

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Technology has changed the world in many ways. One of the most important ways is that technology has helped to change the world into a digital world. Today, people can do almost anything in what is called a digital world. In many ways, a digital world is a network or multiple networks where people can go to perform various tasks. The tasks that are done are based on digital files. One of the most popular parts of the digital world is the internet.

People go to the internet to do a wide range of things such as shopping, paying bills, attending classes, working, and communicating with friends just to name a few. The use of the internet has forever changed the way people go about their daily lives. One of the areas of people’s lives that the internet has impacted greatly is education. The way that education is delivered and received has changed tremendously because of technology innovations as a whole, but the internet is probably the major source of the changes regarding education.

Regarding education, people can attend classes online, conduct research online, do homework online, get tutoring help online, take test online, and many other things related to education. In school systems where education is established as the foundation of learning for children of all ages, technology and the internet in particular have made technology a focal point of the learning process.

While the internet and technology innovations as a whole have helped to make major changes in school systems, there are areas in school systems that could use more technology concerning the daily operations. One of these areas is teacher and parent communication. The use of technology could help school systems move away from the traditional face to face teacher and parent conference.

ClassDojo is a company that is helping school systems by developing an alternative to the traditional teacher and parent conference. ClassDojo has developed an app that is used in many schools across the country.

One of the features of the ClassDojo app provides teachers and parents with the capability to communicate using the app.  The communication between teachers and parents can be done at any desired time. The use of this app feature can allow teachers and parents to use a different method for communication other than the traditional face to face teacher and parent conference.

ClassDojo recently raised over 20 million dollars regarding the app. The money will be used to enhance the app in a variety of areas.

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