Bold Colors and Creativity spell Success for Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is well known for the Lime Crime make-up line and for having a personality that is as hard to miss as the products she sells. From a beginning that included performing in two bands and going to fashion school, she slowly worked her way through various jobs through the years, with a couple of professional stutter starts, to being able to turn her love of bright and bold colors into a business that would be a surprising success.


Young girls and women of all ages that embrace glitter and bold colors turn to Deere for products that include blush, lipstick, eye shadow and other cosmetic supplies that are hard to miss.


Deere moved from Russia in 1999 and by 2008 her cosmetic business was already starting to take off and get noticed. The Lime Crime makeup line was something customers had not seen before, offering bright yellows, Dark greens and every other color on the wheel. For every make up customer who doesn’t embrace the bright line of powders and gels there is a fan who thinks they are the greatest items on the market.


As with most successful business owners, the Lime Crime line and its creator, Deere, have plenty of detractors, both personally and professionally, there’s no denying the amount of money that the company makes for its owner.  She prefers to let the popularity of Lime Crime, which cannot be denied, speak for itself.


The products come in containers that are just as striking and eye catching as the contents. It is so fun, it naturally appeals to market full of young consumers who enjoy the freshness that the company offers where other manufacturers may not necessarily cater to their age group.


New for Lime Crime in the near future is the addition of the products in some more subdued colors to introduce a whole new market to the products. Deere says the move is just another step in the company moving forward in the makeup industry. She says the new products will be more about ‘tone’ and will create a more ‘well rounded’ collection of products. Whatever she comes up with next is sure to be a hit.

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