Bernardo Chua, Tea And Coffee

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Bernardo Chua is a middle manager who developed tea and coffee in the arena of multi level marketing. His profile on Facebook is quaint and easy to comprehend, as the page is equipped with a cover photo of him and his colleagues with two Facebook posts listed, each one depicting a smiling Bernando Chua in his workplace. Bernardo’s Twitter account is simple and direct, with a picture of him and his multi level marketing crew.

One of his tweets says that he is enjoying a hot chocolate. Actually, Bernardo has amazingly built an entire organization surrounding the advertisement, sales, and marketing of tea and coffee to the entire globe with a team of hungry, motivated, and driven entrepreneurs at his side. Using a direct distribution approach, Bernardo Chua is listed the fifty-fifth largest multi level marketing industry in the entire known world, and he is also determined to introduce his exquisite coffee and tea to the whole entire western civilization. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

He with Organo Gold have been bestowed with five high class people choice awards and Dangal ng Bayan recognition announcements in front of the open public which caught the attention of the internet. His products have given health and longevity by preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, bronchitis, yeast infection, alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, fibroids, high blood pressure, and stress. The entire configuration of Bernardo’s business schematic is that he grabbed the ganoderma plant and structured a globalized business around of it, so that the effort brought forward would be from inspired entrepreneurs who also sold the herb to countries worldwide.

This has a domino effect in where the original team Bernardo assembled would grow in population, so that in the long term he wouldn’t need to work as hard, and the organization beneath him would become direct participants in building the continuation of the company instead so they as well, could be legitimate owners of their own personal direct distribution industry. In parting, it could be easily said that Bernardo Chua has done well for himself.

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