Bernardo Chua – Philanthropist And Founder Of Organo Gold

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The General Manager and Co-Founder of Gano Excel Philippines is Bernardo Chua. He worked at the company from 1999 to 2003. In 2008, Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold in Richmond, British Columbia (BC). He his the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. These two companies are very successful, but Mr. Chau spends most of his time and energy focused on the Oregano Gold Company. With promotion and advertisement of the company, it has become well-known in the United States. Using direct marketing to promote his business, Mr. Chua saw his company taking off in sales and quickly became very successful. He is now a business person numbered among other successful business and many organizations have honored him. Mr. Chau has received many awards.

From 2003 thru 2008, Mr. Chau was employed at Gano Excel USA where he was the President. Read more at

Featured On Media Outlets

Many media outlets have recognized his achievements and have featured him in their sites. Direct Selling News has rated Organo Gold as the 55th biggest most outstanding business in selling their products globally.

Advantages Of Using The Services Of Bernardo Chua

The product that Mr. Chua created is the Organo Gold Coffee. This coffee is derived from a mushroom named Ganoderma. It is extremely healthy and is a homeopathic herb that has medicinal health benefits. This herb tastes good, and it is from China.

About Mr. Chua Educational Background

Mr. Chua attended the University of Santo Tomas where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree. The university is located in the Philippines.

Mr. Chau’s Accomplishments

When asked what his biggest achievement was, Mr. Chua stated that founding Organo Gold and the growth of the company expanding into the worldwide market, was a great success. People such as employees, distributors, and clients are helped by the Organo Gold products to enhance their health. Using the products and the money from Organo Gold helps people to have a means to provide for their families financially. The positive effect of these products produced by Mr. Chua’s company, help families globally. This is something that Mr. Chua says he is extremely proud of.