Any Personality Type Can Thrive in Any Industry

Published on Author RM2000

Before one gets started on any type of job or career, they are often encouraged to take a personality test. This test helps people figure out the type of job that they are best suited to. Among the traits that they test for is whether or not someone is introverted and extroverted. However, while these tests do show effectiveness when it comes to the figuring out of the type of person the individual is, it does not mean that the person is limited to the jobs that are recommended to the personality types. Some people take it too far to mean that certain personality types can’t be in certain fields.

For example, one would not expect Lori Senecal to thrive in the advertising industry because people who are in that industry tend to be the louder and more emotional types. In her Crunchbase account, Lori Senecal has shown that she is one of the versatile types that can adapt to any situation even though she is an introvert. She is also someone who does not resort to any dramatic displays of emotion. Instead, she makes sure that she is collected and showing a lot of self control. In the advertising industry, she has to deal with a lot of chaos. However, she is someone to look to for calm when it is out of hand.

One thing that could be said for Lori Senecal is that she makes sure that she is organized in her approach to helping people advertise their content. This is quite important in that it will help people get their point across to the public while they are trying to sell their business. Her approach to business is to get everything done as quickly as possible so that they will be happy with the results. For one thing, time is money.

Lori Senecal makes the most out of the time she is given in order to come up with a ton of ideas for the clients that she serves. She teaches the people that work under her to do the same thing for their clients. She does not want to waste time in getting the job done. For more info visit her aboutme page.

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