Alex Pall and The Duty of EDM Artists For Their Craft

Published on Author RM2000

People who read the interview that Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers did for Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine would probably argue that The Chainsmokers as an EDM band is up to something big. It’s as big as the dream of revolutionizing the EDM industry of Alex Pall himself. It’s as big as the idea of even thinking that EDM can be more than just funky beats and catchy hooks. The interview even reveals more than what people would have expected from Alex Pall as a songwriter.

To revolutionize EDM and music itself, Pall has to change people’s expectations. In the interview, he shared that to do this, he has to focus more on lyrics. After hooking people with music, Pall may have seen it his duty to enlighten and push the envelope of the EDM music as a platform to move people to where Pall wants them to go or feel. The balance between self-expression and serious art, Alex Pall argues, should be found in the lyrics, and this is what Pall thinks is the biggest challenge right now of his band.

Against the power of passion, nothing will ever stand, and this statement is made truer in how Pall uses passion as fuel to improve his acts. He shared in the interview that what takes up most of his time today is to develop more ways to enunciate, command or just express his art. He wants to use EDM and his music’s lyrics to express what he thinks people should hear about the current status of the advocacies that he believes in. This is difficult. This is risky. But Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall love The Chainsmokers enough to make them feel like the risk is worth it.

Unsatisfied with the way that EDM musicians are writing their music today, Pall also believes that the next frontier of EDM should be to urge writers to do more. Yes, EDM is still about having fun and being in a fun event. But Pall seems to suggest that there’s still so much untapped potential in the platform that artists should at least experiment on.