A Look into Hollywood’s Fascination with Kabbalah

Published on Author RM2000

The popularity of the practice and dissemination of Kabbalah within the Hollywood hills is undeniably on the rise which raises two primary questions, what is Kabbalah and why is it becoming so popular with Hollywood celebrities? The Kabbalah may best be described as a wisdom tradition, or personal philosophy, rather than a religion, though it is certainly spiritual and metaphysical in it’s orientation and derivations. The Kabbalistic tradition arose primarily out of Judaism but also borrows from various Christian and hermetic and perennial philosophies.


Now on to the harder question, why do so many celebrities, many of whom are not remotely Jewish, seem to be so intensely fascinated with this ancient Jewish wisdom tradition? The answer is multifaceted but is most easily understood by looking to what it’s most well known practitioners have to say about it themselves. Consider the famous American comedian and actress, Sandra Bernhard (who was included in Comedy Central’s list of the top 100 best stand-up comedians of all time), who describes Kabbalah as far more than just a fad (a statement likely made to distance her practice of the tradition from Britney Spears who rather capriciously entertained the tradition) but rather a integral part of her life. Indeed, Ms. Bernhard notes that the Kabbalah has helped her to get rid of over 80 percent of the disorder and stress in her life – quite a profound statement!


A whole host of other A list celebrities have, and continued to, echo Ms. Bernhard’s comments, Hollywood celebs such as Madonna and Ashton Kutcher, all point to the Kabbalah as a stabilizing, pacifying force. This makes a great deal of sense given how chaotic and stressful the lives of celebrities must be, not just because they work strange hours and are constantly traveling around the world, running from interview to photo-shoot to film studio back to interview, but also because of the personal strain that celebrity status places upon a individual.