A Job With Traveling Vineyard Is Achievable And Enviable

Published on Author RM2000

If you like drinking wine, making money, and staying home then Traveling Vineyard is an opportunity you are going to want to learn more about. With Traveling Vineyard you can earn the title of Wine Guide, get your own wine tasting kit, and receive all the help and training you need in order to start hosting your own wine tastings.

This desirable job offers complete training and a flexible schedule. Wine tastings are growing as a popular past-time, and for good reason. A tasting is the perfect opportunity to taste and learn about new wines and pairings. It is an experience just as much as it is educational, and the only thing more fun than participating is leading.

If you ever thought about how fun it would be to conduct wine tastings for a living, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Traveling Vineyard makes sure that each wine guide is well supported by area leaders and an online training center. You will have the opportunity to connect with wine guides in your area, go to regional training events, and start building your own team. Traveling Vineyard also hosts an annual Harvest Conference. The Harvest Conference is a perfect opportunity to taste new wines and learn new products. It is designed to be fun and informational, and is a place to receive specialized training and connect with your peers. There is even a costume contests and dancing involved!

Each wine guide is equipped with a Success Kit, which includes five bottles of wine to start with when you conduct your tastings, tasting glasses, tools, carrying cases and order forms. All the information you need on Traveling Vineyard’s wines, and common customer questions is provided for you. Traveling Vineyard thinks of everything you will need so that you won’t come up short when you give your own in-home tastings. By the time you get started you will be a Sommology Expert and well on your way toward making money doing what you love.